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Key Factors to choose the best ACCA Learning Provider

Key Factors to choose the best ACCA Learning Provider

When you scroll through the list of Approved Learning Providers on ACCA’s website and come across the never-ending names, your immediate reaction is how do I choose the one – the one which would be the best for me. If you are one of those, you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to discuss the important factors which one must keep in mind while choosing the Approved Learning Provider for themselves. Read on!

1.      Research and Analyse the Institute

Online research will definitely help you find a list of ACCA Learning Providers who provide online or face-to-face or blended classes in your place or other location where you wish to pursue your ACCA coaching. After your initial analysis, shortlist some of the leading institutes you consider and do further assessment to find out the best one. Remember, now-a-days most of the institutes have marketing wings to promote their institution. So, don t get confused or misguided by reading the internet.

2.      Screen the Track Records of the Institute

While choosing the learning provider for your ACCA Knowledge / Skills / Professional level, analyse the track records of the learning provider and ascertain that the learning provider where you intend to pursue the coaching has a good track record. The number of candidates joining the institutes and those who have cleared the ACCA exam matters the most while evaluating the quality of training of the learning provider. If your analysis shows that the learning provider has a good pass percentage, it indicates that it is suitable to consider. The higher the pass percentage, the more preferable it is.

3.      Enquire and Verify the Institute Credibility

Call up the institute, talk to the person concerned and clear your doubts. Make sure that the learning provider renders all the services, quality, suitability and functioning mentioned on their website. It would be better if you could find out students of the previous batches who have undergone training in your shortlisted institutes and ask their opinion about the institute.

4.      Course Completion

Timely completion of the coaching is necessary to get ample time for your self-preparation. The common trend we see today is that the learning providers continue their classes even in the last week before the exam. This might adversely affect your studies. So, make sure that the learning provider you choose will complete their course in time prior to the exam so that you get enough time for the revision and self-preparation. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose the best ACCA learning provider which completes the training in a timely manner.

5.      Study Materials, Aids & Amenities

Try to get a set of study materials from the seniors or those who study with the learning provider and determine the effectiveness of the content for your own. Make sure that the study materials are periodically updated and include model questions and answers. Also, analyse the teaching aids and facilities provided by the institute for your intensive ACCA preparation. Make sure that the learning provider provides internet facility and is equipped with a well-managed resource gallery which has a good collection of reference books, journals and magazines related to accountancy, taxation, auditing, business management, finance and so on.

6.      Infrastructure

If the learning provider is delivering face-to-face classes, make sure that the infrastructure is adequate and supports effective learning. If the classes are going to be digital, take information about the mode of learning – whether live or recorded, and make sure it suits your schedule.

7.      Experienced Faculty

The faculty team of the learning provider is a decisive factor while choosing the best ACCA coaching institute. Check whether your institute faculty has long years of experience as an ACCA or other professional qualification or training students in ACCA. By contacting a former or currently pursuing student of the learning provider, you can ascertain the quality of their teaching, teaching methodology and strategies.

8.      Proper Guidance

Every student works hard to clear his exam but hard work is not enough until you are following a correct pattern or correct strategy. Teachers play a very important role in giving you a successful life. If your learning provider is giving you the correct guidance and you are following his philosophies properly, then you will never have to face failures in life. Even if you do, the teacher will make you learn from it and push you to strive for success.

9.      Demo Class by the Institute

A good number of coaching institutes nowadays offer demo/ trial classes to students. Getting a demo class will help to make an independent assessment of the quality of training. Select a subject and convenient time and ask for them to give a trial class so that they cannot plan to influence you with some other lecture by their best trainer.

10. Soft Skill Development Training

A professional accountant is supposed to have good personality, effective communication skills, managing ability and soft skill. Note that a good institute provides proper training in personality development and help you with stress management, confidence building, language proficiency and more. Learning providers which impart quality training will definitely assign outside faculty or subject matter experts to provide these services along with interview preparation training and mock tests.

11. Fee Structure of the Coaching Institute

It is highly recommended to compare the fees structures of the preferred institutes and find the best one. Don t rush into the discount offered by the institutes. Analyse the normal fees for the course and determine the best institute focusing on the quality of the training provided by the institute. Since it is not possible to discontinue the course during a session, take a wise decision.

Therefore, we can conclude that, while making a decision on a learning provider, you should verify that they are equipped with qualified and experienced trainers, compatible learning environment, updated learning materials, library and internet facilities, mock tests and interviews and quality infrastructure.

Author: CA Anushka Jain, ACCA Affiliate, VG Learning Destination ACCA student