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About Beckers

Becker Professional Education is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), a U.S. Department of Education-recognized national accrediting agency. For 60 years, Becker has earned a strong track record of student success through world-class teaching, their curriculum and learning tools which help drive exam success. VG Learning Destination is an authorised training partner of Becker and is committed to helping you at every step, right from your US CPA exams to the licensing process. Get practical and experimental learning, along with soft skills training and career services.

About VG Learning Destination

VG Learning Destination established in 1991, a renowned name in India for 30 years. VG Learning Destination is a household name in CA, ACCA and CPA classes across India with Grant Thornton LLP Bharat as its knowledge partner, founded by Vinod Gupta, who is known as the tax guru, VG Learning has trained more than 3 lakhs students and produced more than 1200 rankers. The alumni's are placed in top companies. VG Learning Destination has 150+ study centers in India, Nepal, Dubai and Singapore.

About CMA

CMA is the Highest level of certification for management accountants awarded by Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA. The programme makes you ready for evolving needs of the business ad breakthrough into Finance Profession. CMA provides future outlook of the business and helps to create value.


  • International Credibility
  • Only 2 exams with 12 Core practice areas mastered
  • Become a CMA in 6-9 Months, on average
  • 63% Salary advantage for CMAs globally
  • 33% Salary advantage for CMAs ages 20-29
  • Up to 3 years allowed to complete both parts
  • 150-170 recommended hours of study per part

CMA to upgrade your skills?

Strategy & Planning

Evaluates, builds and supports management strategy and act as a trusted advisor to the management.

Risk Management and Performance Control

Helps to manage risk, monitor performance, measure organization performance against standards and report the findings.

Business Operations

Works towards improving business operations

Leadership Skills

Helps develop new perspective that inspires team members to work towards company goals

Technology and Analytics

Use relevant technology to analyse data to enhance the performance of the company

Career Paths

Do not just understand “what” numbers say, understanding “why” becomes a crucial skill in order to take managerial decision. CMA opens up career opportunities in decision making role and you can work as:

Chief Financial Controller
Chief Financial Officer
Financial Manager
Risk Manager
Financial & Planning Analyst
Management Accountant
Cost Accountant

Get global professional qualification and work in:

Course Offering?

Becker’s Software

24 Months access

  • 2-part review course
  • Digital textbooks
  • 500+ flashcards
  • 3,000+ multiple choice questions
  • 70 essay questions
  • Lecture videos
  • Content regularly updated
  • Adapt2U Technology powered by Sana Labs
  • Simulated exams that replicate the actual exam experience
  • Personalized review sessions
  • Unlimited practice tests
  • Academic support
  • Online FAQ database

Personalized learning experience

No two people learn exactly the same way. That’s why Becker utilizes Adapt2U Technology to constantly assess your knowledge as you prep, so you can focus on the areas where you need the most help. This is how it works:

Proficiency badge

The exclusive badge tracks your level of proficiency around sections and key concepts to help determine where you’re highly proficient and where you need more support.

Personalized review sessions

At the end of every unit, our AI technology creates an adaptive review session to test your knowledge and help you become more proficient.

Unlimited practice tests

With our vast database of multiple-choice questions, you can create an unlimited number of unique practice tests. Choose between the adaptive personalized practice tests that focus on areas of opportunity, or the random practice tests.


Exams that feature new questions you’ve never seen before – not computer-generated mashups of past modules - written by knowledgeable instructors. Everything from timing to structure is based on the actual CMA Exam to help you prepare for the real thing

  • 2 simulated exams per part
  • Exams are weighted according to the exam
  • One comprehensive review designed to help students identify areas of opportunity


Candidates are required to fulfil following criteria to obtain CMA Certification:

Educational Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree or Professional Certification ( CA, CPA, ACCA, etc.)

The students are required to submit the educational requirements within seven years of completion of the exams. Therefore, student pursuing bachelor’s or professional certification is eligible to appear for CMA exams.

CMA Examination

Required to clear two papers in any order.


2 years of continuous professional experience in Accounting & Finance.

The practical experience is required to be completed prior to or within seven years of passing the examination.

Active IMA Membership

By joining the IMA network, you can benefit from helpful resources and network opportunities

Course Details

Financial Planning, Performance and Analytics( 500 marks)

  • External Financial Reporting Decisions
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Performance Management
  • Cost Management
  • Internal Controls
  • Technology and Analytics

Strategic Financial Management (500 Marks)

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Decision Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Decisions
  • Professional Ethics

Exam pattern = 75% objective and 25% essay questions

Passing score : 360 out of 500 on each part

Exams could be taken in any order.

No negative marking

Exams in India and Abroad

Depending on students dedication and commitment, one can complete the course within 6 months and upto 3 years from the date of registration, to finish the CMA course.

Students could appear for exams in any order for Part 1 and Part 2:

  • Jan-Feb
  • May-June
  • Sep-Oct

Head Office:

4E/10, near Videocon Tower, Block E4, Jhandewalan Extension, Jhandewalan, New Delhi, Delhi 110055