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ACCA is a global qualification that is recognized in over 170 countries and unlike others is a most sought after course by Big 4s and other MNCs because of the extensive technical skills and knowledge possessed by ACCA professionals in the areas of IFRS, Finance, Business and management.

Completing a professional qualification like ACCA requires a rounded skill set, so you need to understand the theory, be able to apply in the exam BUT also have the right technique so you maximise your marks. ACCA students who are falling below the pass mark of 50% are usually struggling due to a lack of examination technique. The exams are tough and candidates who pass have followed a rigorous programme of study in order to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge as well as the ability to apply this knowledge in a business context.


ACCA Student Exam Issues

Exams are difficult for a multitude of reasons. Nerves can play a part (although a small amount of nerves can be a good thing to keep you alert!) but they are difficult to control. So the one thing YOU can control is how you approach your next ACCA exam and what technique you will apply.

Do you find yourself facing these issues below?

§  Comfortable with the ACCA syllabus theory but still fail to pass the exam?

§  Filling your exam answer scripts but scoring less than 50%?

§  Running out of time in the exam hall?

§  Struggling with calculation questions?


We will discuss some common mistakes that contribute to the failure of candidates:

§  Poor Planning – A lot of students do not properly plan for their studies and don’t take some time out to decide how to plan to prepare for the exams.


§  Failure to familiarize with syllabus and exam structure - Some students do not familiarize themselves with the syllabus and structure of exams. This can result in two grave mistakes. First mistake is that students might waste their time on topics which are not examinable. The second mistake is that the students might skip some of the important examinable topics.


§  Poor understanding of concepts - One of the biggest reasons of failure in ACCA examinations is lack of understanding of the concepts. Students spend too much time on memorizing the rote knowledge instead of understanding the underlying concepts.


§  Lack of Practice - Many students spend all their time in studying the notes, study texts, and other study material. They make a grave mistake of not practicing for their exams under exam conditions. Practicing for the exams is just as important as studying and preparing for the exams and it also helps in identifying one’s strengths & weaknesses.


§  Not answering all of the questions - Another common reason of failure is that students make the mistake of not answering all of the questions. They either skip part of the requirements due to extreme carelessness or exam stress.


ACCA Master Classes

VG Learning Destination (Gold ALP) in association with their knowledge partner “Grant Thornton Bharat” (also an Approved Employer of ACCA) provides world-class ACCA coaching support to their students under the guidance of well-known industry experts.

Students who are self-studying the ACCA qualification are missing out on the benefits of classroom tuition. In our classes the ACCA qualified faculties will run you through the tips on how to pass the exams and what the examiner is looking for – as well as exam technique. Meanwhile, a substantial amount of time is devoted to cover the tougher areas of the syllabus to ensure students are ready for exam day.

With the availability of Recorded and Online Lectures, VGLD ensures the availability of quality education to its students who are sitting in different parts of the nation and abroad!

Here is what you can expect:

§  The specialist ACCA tutor will guide you through the most examinable topics and how to pick up easy marks.


§  There is a specific focus on difficult past questions ensuring you are ready for whatever the exam has in store.


§  It will include how to improve your exam technique which can score you those important extra marks in the exam.


§  Interactive questions and answers session with the tutor (including practice on CBE platform)


§  Mock exams before your actual exam day – this is one of the final step in tackling the exams. There is no use is having pages and pages of pristine study notes if you don’t have enough mock exam practice under your belt.


Generally speaking, the biggest difference between passing and failing exams is down to practicing technique and getting feedback on how you fared when taking mock exams.”

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