ACCA- Millions of Opportunities, One Global Qualification!!!

ACCA- Millions of Opportunities, One Global Qualification!!!

ACCA - Millions of Opportunities, One Global Qualification!!!

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a UK based prime accounting body that was established in 1904. ACCA is an international qualification in order to become Chartered Certified Accountant in 180+ countries like the UK, UAE, Singapore, etc.

The qualification itself is proof that you have the required skills in multiple aspects of a business.

You can use “ACCA” as the designatory letters and work in every aspect of the business, finance, or management.

It enables you to take up the higher positions in a business and you can even climb your way up among the top-level management.

While these are only a few of the examples, when it comes to career and growth opportunities after ACCA, you can say that the sky's the limit!!!

Here we have listed a few of the lucrative career options after completing ACCA:

Chartered Accountant

 A Chartered Accountant is someone that manages and takes care of all the Accounts, Audits, and Taxes. As soon as you pass the exam, you are qualified as an ACCA and you can immediately start your practice from home, or you may join a firm, or you may start one of your own.

Accountancy is one of the most prestigious and respected designations wanted across the globe.

The only difference being that in India, you cannot sign on accounts of companies as an ACCA unlike a CA !

For the rest of the world, you are the signing power !


Financial Accountant

 A Financial Accountant's job is to manage all the funds & finances of a firm and taking care of its financial accounts. His set of responsibilities also includes advising the firm on financial matters. After completing the ACCA, you become eligible to apply as a Financial Accountant in Big 4’s and MNCs in India and every company in 181 countries!


An Auditor is a person who is appointed by a company to review and look after the already prepared accounts and balance sheet for any kind of mistake. He is like an investigator who reviews the accounts and balance sheets and confirms its authenticity. The ACCA trains and specializes in Auditing and you can work for any Audit firm with your skills and knowledge!

Management Consultant

 A Management Consultant is one of the most essential components of a firm. His duties include taking managerial decisions and making sure that the instructions coming from the top level are fulfilled by the delegates. He is the answer to all the existing problems in the firm. And after completing ACCA you are automatically qualified to take up the position of a Management Consultant in Big 4, MNCs and other firms.

Tax Consultant

 A Tax Consultant takes care of matters related to corporate tax and other types of taxes. He is supposed to coordinate all the tax-related matters of the firm with the government tax policies.

The qualification of ACCA guarantees that you are more than eligible to work with MNC's and SME's as their Tax Consultant.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

 The CFO of an organisation is responsible for managing the financial operations. He is a senior executive and sits among the top dogs of a firm. His major responsibilities include Management and Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting, & Strategy planning to improve the productivity and efficiency of the organization. With ACCA Qualification, you can climb up the Corporate ladder and reach the top most positions !


Tax Specialist

 This profile is usually found in professional accounting firms. They advise tax at local and international levels and they are also responsible for assisting the firm in meeting its Tax demands.

These are only a few of the respected positions that you can land in after qualifying ACCA. There are even more career options available like Forensic Accountant, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Assistant Accountant, Corporate treasurer, etc.

ACCA is a flagship qualification that opens multiple doors of opportunities for you both on domestic as well as international level.

A well-qualified person can easily grab a package of 6-8 lacs right after completing the ACCA as they get immediate placement in MNCs and Big 4 companies.

Since many students are becoming aware of the perks of ACCA, India is speculated to become one of the largest countries for ACCA in upcoming years.

The Indian economy is achieving growth at a phenomenal pace. And globalization has motivated many MNCs & international organizations to operate their business in India so they are also seeking professional accountants and finance experts with knowledge of GLOBAL accounting!

ACCA is gaining popularity because it provides deep insights into IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) which is again is very essential on a global level. This is why ACCA offers a great career opportunity and scope in management, financial, and accounting sectors not only in India but all across the globe.

Why Should You Choose VGLD For ACCA?

  1. Gold Approved ACCA Learning Partner: This is a formal recognition given to the excellent learning providers by ACCA. It helps the students by making the programme globally available through the prestigious learning institutes which are approved for quality education and meets the rigorous standards of ACCA Global body.

  2. Study From Experts: VG Learning Destination has Grant Thornton as their knowledge partner. Grant Thornton is one of the leading assurance, tax, and advisory firms in India. The collaboration between the two giants ensures excellent tuition for ACCA to the students.

  3. 100 Percent placement: ACCA from VG Learning Destination can get you placed into the top MNC's like Intel, KPMG, Cipla, Kotak Mahindra Back, Dell, Grant Thornton, Citi Bank, J.P. Morgan and many more. VGLD provides 100 Percent placement assistance to its ACCA qualifiers at a very lucrative annual package.

  4. ACCA qualified faculty: The ACCA faculty at VGLD are expert professionals who themselves are ACCA qualified and have many years of experience in practicing and teaching ACCA You will not only learn about ACCA from the most qualified faculties in the industry but also gain a lot of practical knowledge from their experience that will serve you for the rest of your life.

  5. Mock Exams and Practical Questions Training: VGLD provides regular Mock exams and practical questions training based on the actual past papers to improve your learning capacity and helps students retain what they have learnt in their classes.

  6. Recorded and Online Lectures: Apart from Mock Tests and excellent faculties, VGLD also provides its students with all the necessary resources that are required by them to pass their ACCA papers.

With the availability of Recorded and Online Lectures, VGLD ensures the availability of quality education to its students who are sitting in different parts of the nation and abroad !

Success is waiting for you !!!

What are you waiting for !!!

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