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Teachers at VGLDI are truly the gurus. They have diligence and immense ability to learn, relearn and unlearn. Inspite being India’s best faculty and accepted in whole country they are still far away from arrogance. They have been playing multiple roles since the time they are teachers. They are teachers, motivators, friends, counselors and inspiration for many aspirants. They give students a classroom where they can share their doubts and can receive maximum learning. They make students to imbibe all the knowledge given in the class so that they can retain it in the future as well.

Mr Anil Chachra

Mr Anil Chachra


Anil is a Chartered Accountant with over 13 years of comprehensive experience in spearheading the Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance Function and Statutory Audit & Compliance for global multi-million Dollar organizations as per IGAAP & IFRS standards

Areas of expertise entail:

IFRS/Ind As/ Indian GAAP Reporting 

Statutory Audit & Compliance

Corporate Trainings                                                                     


He has headed finance functions involving determining financial objectives, designing & implementing systems, policies & procedures to facilitate internal financial control

He has strong qualifications in developing & implementing financial processes in addition to protecting company resources while managing complex International Standards

He has worked with companies of, not less than 100 Million US $, at various stages of growth and with different cultures; built and ramped up Finance, Management & Commercial Functions of organisations such as Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Ernst & Young India Private Limited

He has experience in managing all aspects of auditing including pre-audit, concurrent audit and post audit; expertise in preparing the scope of audit, audit plans, audit program and reports as per IFRS standards