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About us

VG Learning Destination is the offshoot of Vinod Gupta Classes pioneer in CA Final- Direct Tax Coaching Classes.

VG Learning Destination provides a competitive environment, a vast knowledge pool, comprehensive and scientifically developed study material. Our endeavor includes crystallizing the fundamentals of students, sharpening analytical skills and channelizing efforts so that they can act with speed and accuracy at competitive exams. In our effort to make education accessible we are ably supported by a team of highly educated and experiences fraternity.

VG Learning Destination symbolizes the epitome of a desire to excel and systematize operations in an industry characterized by serious lack of structure and systems.

Why VG Learning Destination?

Our Faculty trains you painstakingly so that you outdo competitors, because we know how crucial the difference of a few ranks can make to your future prospects.

Benefits at VG Learning Destination:-

  1. Highly renowned, experienced and dedicated faculty.
  2. Extensive research-based study material.
  3. Individual attention through tutorial classes with regular practice sessions.
  4. Doubt clearance sessions to clarify doubts of students
  5. Glorious history of producing Rank-holders every year. 6. Face to Face Classes as well as satellite Classes Both Are Available

Our Teaching Methodology:-

  1. Highly Interactive Methodology.
  2. Group Discussions
  3. Much care has been taken in designing the study program’s / study materials and these are updated from time to time by the Academic Council.
  4. Regular Tests to improve the students' examination techniques and problem-solving ability.
  5. The progress reports are then sent to parents to keep them abreast of their wards' performance.
  6. Special care is given to students who may not be that strong in their academic performance.
  7. The faculty conducts doubt clearing sessions. In these sessions any doubt a student may have is cleared. Certain topics may be repeated, should a student have doubts about concepts or if a student misses some lectures for bona fide reasons.
  8. Our courses enable the students to build core concepts, achieve accuracy, speed and develop confidence. The students are motivated to learn and perform to their optimum levels.

Our Vision

VG Learning Destination Vision
To provide the education and training to the CA aspirants with highest level of expertise in structured and professional environment and to be acclaimed as a global leader in the field of professional education and create an institution that fosters a culture of high morale, quality and caring; creating professionals of high caliber in an environment that promotes self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning and professional pursuits.

Our Mission

VG Learning Destination Mission

VG Learning Destination is committed to the vision of providing the very best of education and there by contributing to the intellectual and emotional growth of its students. As an educational setup we aim to provide a platform where goals are achieved, skills are nurtured and values are built.

To be a Learning and Development organization that imparts practical and academic quality knowledge for the skill development to groom them into capable professionals. Our endeavour is to enhance the teaching learning process by encouraging the professionals & students to explore, learn and realize their potential as a leader in the global world.

Our motto is to continuously inspire and motivate students on the path to mega success. We believe that learning is a lifelong experience and we provide every facility and amenity, every kind of right opportunity, to ensure a rich and rewarding intellectual climate for the student to rise and shine in all his/her future endeavours.

Over the years, Vinod Gupta Classes has produced top grade CA achievers in amazing numbers. This is possible only if our students were given the best instructions, all round melding, constant guidance and monitoring, abundant facilities and above all the best faculty to justify all these. The maturity and wisdom which is the precious by products of all our effort are accumulated and have become catalysts and reinforcements in these subsequent efforts.

Educational Institutes are judged primarily by their quality of education and success of students who pass out every year. We are proud of all these at VG Learning Destination. Over the years we have enjoyed unmatched results in CA education we have got ourselves involved in. and we are committed to create a new benchmark in the future as well.